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Ta Da!

Suzanne Robb

It’s done.


The last four years have culminated into a professionally edited, structurally edited, proofread, and polished manuscript.

The novel, Dead by Midnight, is based off a short story I wrote years ago. Many of the people who read it messaged me and asked for it to be converted into novel length. At first, naïve as I was, I figured it would be easy.

It was not.

There are at least two dozen versions of the book – and I still have no idea which one is best. Each little change, which was done for the betterment of the book, felt strange to make. When I look back at the first draft, I can see so many amateur mistakes. I am also smart enough to admit that even this fortieth draft is likely full of amateur mistakes.

What I can say about it though, is that I am damn proud of…

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Tired of us

T.S.Woolard's Blog/site

As I watched the news this afternoon to catch up on all the current events while I was working on my own little world inside my head, the top story of the day grabbed me by the throat and refused to let me breathe until it was all over.  Sad times have struck our country and its people yet again.  Just like Aurora, Virginia Tech, The Boston Marathon, etc. (isn’t sad that it has become acceptable to put “etc.” at the end of that?) someone we live next to, pass on the street, stand in line behind at the coffee shop, or in some cases have grown up with has taken multiple lives in a moment of terror.

Does anyone remember when the events in Waco, Texas happened?  I don’t.  I was rather young.  I remember my parents watching it on television.  I can remember it being talked about for…

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